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                  About HSM 

My name is Danny Mace and I’m a qualified Sports Massage and Remedial Therapist.

I qualified from the renowned and prestigious North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM).

Obtaining the highest qualification in my field enables me to reach the goals of my clients through assessments, advanced massage techniques and rehabilitation care.  Giving my clients the opportunity to make improvements, be it a reduction of pain, management of stress levels or an improvement to range of motion. 

Having played professional and semi-professional football I understand and know first hand the demands of a highly physical lifestyle and the effects it can have on the body.  My career in professional football has given me great knowledge of the working body and has made me particularly sympathetic to injuries derived from football and other such athletic professions.  I have experienced the strain injury has, both emotionally and physically, making me passionate about helping my clients with injury care & prevention,

Sports Massage Is For Everyone   & Not Just for Athletes  

Although the title Sports massage suggests its limited to ‘sporty’ or athletic people, this is simply a misconception.  Sports massage addresses the muscles and soft tissue in the body, aiming to reducing aches & pain, getting you to your optimal posture, avoiding future injuries and a general feeling of “well being” and relaxation 

A sports massage is beneficial for everyone, from professional athletes, office workers to construction workers.  Sports massage is for anyone and everyone who wants to see an improvement in their body and the way they move.  Whether you’re looking for a general massage or help with an injury or soft tissue condition I have the skill set to address your requirements.

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