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Client Consultation

By assessing the body & the biomechanics I'm able to determine any muscle imbalances in the body. I can then use techniques to address the imbalance aiming to create more symmetry in the body.


Treatment Plan

Following an assessment, a targeted treatment plan is compiled to provide the client with the massage techniques and understanding to regain full recovery.​

​  Advance Massage Techniques

A ​formula of various massage techniques are used including:

Effleurage, Petrissage, Compression, Vibration, Tapotement & Friction.  These methods improve the distribution of blood circulation within soft tissue creating space within the muscle bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and removing of waste products, plus they make you feel great too!


Soft Tissue Release (STR)

Applied to relieve chronic tissue congestion & improve the elasticity of the muscle.  A specific deep stretch to the tissue to help increase the overall length of a muscle as well as to mobilise adhesive tissues and aid in scar tissue breakdown.


Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)

A collection of techniques that reduces muscle tone & stretches a muscle that has become short, tight or hypertonic.  Used for proprioceptive rehabilitation during the remodeling phase & for improving joint range of movement and muscle condition.


Trigger Points  

The application of a constant static pressure  on a palpable taut band of fibres within a muscle in order for the area to soften & become diffused.  Increase tissue pliability, reduce pain, increase tissue functionality & joint range of movement.


Home Care

Following treatment, advice on stretching, posture alignment & mild exercises will be provided by myself. 

A big part of seeing results is your home care plan.

Every client receives a tailor made home care plan of stretches and strengthening exercises  that helps to guide them, so they are confident in their own rehabilitation enabling them to continue their recovery at home.

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